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+Philip Adolphus Cutting
UCL Amyloidosis Research Fund
Adrian Paul Waters
Parkinson's UK
Alan John Wheeler
Sue Ryder Duchess of Kent House Hospice
Alexandra Claire Cripps
Newbury Cancer Care
Alfred Charles John Ford
British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK
Alice Eleanor Adams
Faith Christian Group Reading
Alicia Theresa Clegg
Cancer Research UK
Angela Mary Taylor
The Silver Line
Ann Claire Shaw
Thames Hospice
Ann Mary Johnson
British Heart Foundation
Ann Maureen Howson
Alzheimer's Society
Anna Costantinou Leventis-Stevens
Sue Ryder Nettlebed Hospice, Cancer Research UK
Arthur Frank Lewendon
Age UK Berkshire, Alzheimer's Research UK
Arthur John Benham
Alzheimer's Research UK, Dementia Research UK
Barbara Mary Dyson
Alzheimer's Society
Barrie Lister
Royal Berks - King Edward Ward U393
Bernard Percival Rose
Royal Berks - ICU U450
Brian Gray
Royal Berks Charity - Berkshire Cancer Centre U382
Brian William Albert Newport
Age UK Berkshire
Bridget Margaret Lamb
Alzheimer's Research UK
Carlos MacDonald Holder
Cancer Research UK, Sue Ryder Duchess of Kent House Hospice, Pancreatic Cancer UK
Carol Anne Hanson
Royal Berks - Diabetes Fund U151, Berkshire Health Charitable Fund
Christopher Taylor
Cancer Research UK
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showing results 1 - 25 of 151