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Roy Deakin
Cancer Research UK
Alfred Roy Shuttleworth
British Heart Foundation
Anita Margaret Agnes Hawthorne
The Mustard Tree, Reading, Barnabas Fellowship of Churches
Anthea Hinton
Royal Berks - ICU U450, British Heart Foundation
Barbara Madge Dixon
Sightsavers, Excellent Development
Barry James Richardson
Parkinson's UK, Dementia UK
Basil May
Sue Ryder
'Betty' Elizabeth Anne Graham
Kohima Educational Trust
Betty Evans
League of Friends RBH Reading
Brenda Alice Batstone
Cancer Research UK
Brian Glyn Morgan
Parkinson's UK
Brian Robson
Sue Ryder Nettlebed Hospice
Cedric John King
Macmillan Cancer Support, British Heart Foundation
Charles Albert Pottinger
Royal Berks Charity
Charles Thomas Balding
British Heart Foundation
Christine Mary Hallett
Thames Valley Air Ambulance
Christopher James Esling
Royal Berks - ICU U450
Colin Haines
Cancer Research UK
Constance Dorothy Halliwell
Stroke Association, British Heart Foundation
Craig Scott Tweddle
Launchpad Reading
Cristiana Pavlidis
Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church, Reading, Cancer Research UK
Cynthia Jean Wix
Royal Berks - Stroke Unit U323
David Alan George Norris
Dementia Care, Cancer Research UK
David Anthony Hughes
The Royal British Legion, Sue Ryder Duchess of Kent House Hospice
David George Langford
Sue Ryder Duchess of Kent House Hospice
David Graham Rowland
Sue Ryder Nettlebed Hospice
David Noel Lonorgan
Heads Together
David Richard Clayton
Royal Berks - Loddon Ward U327, Royal Berks - Trueta Ward U101
David Ronald Hosking
Sue Ryder , Royal Berks Charity - Adelaide Ward U389
Dennis John Shepherd
Younger People With Dementia (Berkshire) CIO
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showing results 1 - 30 of 113