Hubert Victor Payne

Passed away on 18 April 2024, aged 89 years.

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Please leave donations here for Diabetes UK in memory of the late Mr Hubert Victor Payne.

Thank you.

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Diabetes UK

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Leanne Jones

How lucky are we to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. I love you Grandad.

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Helen Clarke, nee Payne

Dad, I have a photograph of you holding me on my Christening day. We were staring into each others eyes and smiling. Just you and I, oblivious to anything or anyone else, a dad and daughter moment, our moment. No words spoken but obvious love for each other. You were the first man to ever stare into my eyes, hold me, love me and care for me and you gave me my name and my first home. Thank you for all that you did for me. Having lost you twice before, I mourn you for a third time but I know that I cannot ever lose you again and hope that there is another life to come and I will find you again, this time for ever. I miss you so so much and love you even more. Goodnight Dad Si thi anon xxxx

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laura payne

grandad... what an honour it is to call you my grandad. you will always be in my heart and very much missed. what a great life you had leaving so many with the fondest of memories. i will miss our banter, you sitting in your chair and making jokes out of my fashion sense and me winding you up and not forgetting how stubborn you could be. love your granddaughter laura xxxxxxxx lots of kisses because i know deep down you loved my kisses :) hugh, what a pleasure it was knowing you enjoyed listening to many of your life experiences... great man lots of respect to you anton (laura's partner) to grumpy grandad i will miss you lots you was the best grumpy grandad... it was nice to share our diabetes experience together please watch over me. great grandson elijah xxxx love you grumpy grandad you was funny thankyou for letting me have so much fun on your recliner chairs. love great grandson kayleb xxxx

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Donald Callister

In loving memory of a good friend

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Pete Denton

Thank you for your services, always in your friends and families hearts x

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