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Anne Elizabeth Mary Manners
Friends of the Bournemouth Eye Unit
Antony Nicol
Cancer Research UK
Bernard Peel
Brenda Watkinson
Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust
Brian Hewitt
Doreen Madeline Wood
Macmillan Caring Locally - Dorset
Elizabeth Rachel Pick
Parkinson's UK
Henry George Rose
British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK
Jennifer Ann Drew
Versus Arthritis
Joan Margaret Brook
British Heart Foundation
John Michael Cook
Dementia UK
John Osmond Bailey
Cancer Research UK
Moira Jane Abbott
British Heart Foundation
Pat Donnelly
Dorset Cancer Care Foundation
Paul James Edwards
Forest Holme Hospice Charity
Stanley Howard Davies
Cancer Research UK
Stella Eileen Martin
Cats Protection
Terence Arthur Groves
Macmillan Caring Locally - Dorset
Veronica Joan Cull
Multiple Sclerosis Society
Violet Ada Carruthers
Southampton Hospital Charity
Winifred May Boatswain
Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance